Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Won’t People Tell You How Good You Are?

I decided that my Workplace Attitudes website needed some client recommendations. I sent out some emails to elicit recommendations. Nada. Then a few came in but I had sent out dozens of emails. Reluctantly, I decided to make some phone calls. Jackpot. Turns out that clients love the product. In fact they were effusive. Still few people offered this information on their own. Many people said we thought you knew we liked it. Someone else said, “Well, we wouldn’t re-order it if we didn’t like it.”

This is very similar to the premise of the Workplace Attitudes Test (WAT)--if you want specific information you have to ask specific questions. The WAT seeks information about bad attitudes in the workplace. Then I asked clients, “What do you like about the Workplace Attitudes Test?” “What problems has it solved for you?” and “What changes would you like to see?” Here are some of the answers:

“I used the WAT on about ten new hires because I decided that I didn’t need it. I hired the next ten on my own. After a sexual harassment suit that was settled out of court, I’m back to using the WAT. Would this have made a difference? Probably. You see, I tested my hires after they were on the job. Two of them showed high warning signals. I don’t know why Dr. Paulson lowered he price.”

Manager, Lawn Service

“We promoted a clean freak perfectionist for our fabric and sewing store, thinking that this was a good thing. There are no fabric remnants on the floor but some of our best sales clerks have quit and customer complaints are rampant. From now on I’ll be using the Workplace Attitudes test for promoting supervisors as well as new hires.”

Fabric Store Manager

“Given the (Often hidden) cost of jerks why wouldn’t you use a pre-employment bad-attitude screener?”

Manager, Fast Food Franchise

“With a money back guarantee, it’s a no-brainer”

Restaurant Manager

“If you think that this test is better than just an interview, you’re a better interviewer that me.”

Locksmith Store Owner

“I my opinion, HR keep a lot of good people from getting the job; the WAT keeps bad-attitude people from getting the job.”

Department Store Manager

“If you don’t want to ask someone “Are you an asshole,” you should use this test."

Honcho at a Motor Scooter Store

“Some people are proud to be jerks; others hid it during the interview. Now you can catch them in the act.”

Restaurant Manager

“This (the WAT) is not a psychological test, it simply tells you if the person you are considering can get along with others. You need this information.”

Association Executive

“If you could send your candidate to boot camp like the military, you wouldn’t need this test. But then again maybe you would because some recruits wash out.”

A Retired Army Sergeant

“Dr. Paulson, why would you lower the price when you save someone so much money by helping your clients avoid turkeys?”

Association VP

"We wanted someone who would enforce the rules and yet would get along with people. The WAT help us find the right person."

Manager, at a Marina

“You can’t believe the number of jerks out there. I interview a lot of kids. Some pampered and spoiled. The WAT screener makes my job much easier. At an amusement park you want patient and polite employees. Believe me this separates the wheat from shaft.”

Manager at an Amusement Park

“Wow, this thing (the WAT) couldn’t be easier, one score and a bar graph. No warning signals, no problem.”

VP, Department Store

“One less thing to worry about.”

Hardware Store Manager

“$49 bucks, you’re kidding me? (I mean this in a good way.)"

Supervisor, Boat Supply Store

“I haven’t tried other tests and probably won’t. This works. Thanks.”

Tour Company Director

“By keeping it simple and concentrating on bad attitudes, this thing really works.”

Admissions Director, Community College

“Believe me, there are bad apples out there and this test keeps them out of your barrel.”

Owner, Auto Shop

Now to be honest, two people didn’t like the Workplace Attitudes Test but I didn’t include their comments because these two turkeys are jerks. See

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